Hello there.

Hello. My name is Heather, but you probably guessed that already. I'm a twenty-something photographer with a degree in computer science and a love for the outdoors. I live in the beautiful land of Marquette, MI just a few blocks from the shores of the mighty Gichigami (Lake Superior) and kiddy-corner to the campus of Northern Michigan University.

Sea Fog

It's a cozy place to reside, this is what I imagine retirement to be. Eating food from a co-op, sipping mochas in a small cafe, watching freighters, and eating pasties on top of mountains overlooking the lake. (You don't know what a pasty is? I promise it's not involved in sleazy night-time escapades but rather a delicious entree eaten by the hard-working miners of the region!) Actually, life is a little too cozy. Let me tell you a story.

This one time, I graduated from college. It was like, four months ago. I know, forever ago. For me, there was no moment of WHAM! REAL WORLD TIME!. I just sort of walked out of my final, final exam, and went home to my cozy little apartment. I didn't walk at commencements (in fact, I went to my pet store cashier job instead!). I didn't say any goodbyes. Nothing. I just went on with life with one little change. I HAVE SO MUCH FREE TIME.

And with great amounts of free time, comes great laziness.

Don't get me wrong, I haven't just sat in a chair all day long on the computer (in the evenings I get up and cook dinner!). Okay, so yea I've done a lot of sitting. A lot of thinking too, I've really worked myself into the dumps. What do I want to do with my life? Should I get a real job? I love my job though. Can I make money off photography? Will I start to hate it? I need a hobby. I have a hobby. Why am I neglecting my hobby? You get it.

And that's how I ended up here. Writing a blog? Yup. A blog about a long series of ideas and thoughts and projects and 100% completely honest ramblings and rants. Trying to get back in touch with my artsy-fartsy self that, let's be honest, will never exist in that hipster way college made me think it should. I hope you stick around, and share your thoughts. Seriously, I need more conversation than just my cat.