To Open Water

I love shooting film. More than that, I love shooting with my Holga 135B. She's beautiful, red, missing a lens cap, and full of spirit. A few years ago I picked her up at an Urban Outfitters in Austin, TX. She challenges me to think outside the box, and forces me to let go of all my notions of 'good' photography. Everyone needs a Holga in their life.


Mackinac Island is an (oh, can you guess?) island only accessible by ferry or plane. Depending on which ferry you take, your trip over can take different amounts of time. Our ferry pass was won in some sort of raffle-giveaway-facebookpost-contest thing my mom entered, and so we couldn't really complain about our forty-five minute trip across the Straits of Mackinac.

Round Island Passage Lighthouse

In actuality I felt the ride was too short. I needed more of the Great Lakes wind in my face, views of the Mackinac Bride, and close up of the gorgeous Round Island Lighthouse.

Working Horses

The island has a strict NO VEHICLES policy. Go ahead, take in a deep breath of that fresh air. Not too deep though, because the island has two primary methods of transportation and one of them shits all over the road.

Bike Street

You still need be very careful while crossing the street. Bikes and horses are everywhere, and with no vehicles to compete they are reckless.

Flowering Bridge

Did I mention the views of the bridge? The pebble shoreline. The flowery bushes. The cool Great Lakes breeze.


I took the challenge of not bringing a digital camera. It was just me and my Holga. I'm quite happy with the resulting photos. The Holga has a fixed shutter speed of 1/100 or BULB, and aperture options of f/8 and f/11. It really forces you to focus on the light.


Mackinac's cityscape is gorgeous. So many different shapes and sizes with splashes of color on the mainly white facades.


And when your feet are ready for a break, hop back on your ferry home. Relax as you sail across the saltless-sea back to the mainland.

For more images of my trip from Holga roll #4, check out the main album.